Biohack Like A Woman
Biohack Like A Woman

Biohack Like A Woman

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Biohack Like a Woman, written by health coach and biohacker Aggie Lal, is a revolutionary approach to weight loss and biohacking that’s made by a woman for women …

You—dieting again?! Three words that could ruin your day. Why? Because they sound more like an accusation than anything else. Making you feel self-conscious and embarrassed all at the same time, just like the other 71.9 million women trying to slim down each year, starving themselves with fad diets, and counting calories like their lives depend on it … Never seeing the numbers on the scale go down.

We live in a world where women are bombarded with weight-loss information from every angle. However, most of that information is created by men that see shedding pounds from a male perspective …They don’t take into account the most important variable to us women … our Infradian Rhythm.

Enter *Biohack Like a Woman—*a tailor-made way for you to lose all the weight you desire … Not by counting calories … Not by giving up your favorite foods … but by biohacking your Infradian Rhythm (otherwise known as your 28-day cycle).

As you probably know, our cycles regulate our hormones and hormones regulate our hunger, fat burning, energy levels, sleep quality, and mood. When we go on restrictive diets or bust our asses in the gym without being mindful of our hormones, we are going against our own body’s rhythm.

This is not a recipe book, this is not an exercise routine, this isn’t even a diet book …

It’s a blueprint on how to listen to your Infradian Rhythm and adapt the information you’ll discover in the book to your own special circumstances, which you can customize to you and your needs.

And best of all, you won’t have to change your diet or lifestyle to achieve your goals because one of the key things you’ll find out when you read the book is that when and how you eat is more important than what you eat …

Best part? Biohack Like a Woman comes with a trained AI coach to help you digest everything in the book and help you better calibrate the biohacking protocol to your unique needs, making Biohack Like A Woman the first book to come with its very own AI.

Written by health coach and biohacker Aggie Lal.